Data Policy

This policy describes the information we process to support products and features offered by CrownEffect (CrownEffect Products or Products).

I. What kinds of information do we collect?

To provide the CrownEffect Products, we must process information about you. The types of information we collect depend on how you use our Products. You can learn how to access and delete information we collect by visiting the CrownEffect Settings.

Things you and others do and provide.

II. How do we use this information?

We use the information we have (subject to choices you make) as described below and to provide and support the CrownEffect Products and related services described in CrownEffect’s Terms of Use. Here's how:

Provide, personalize and improve our Products.

We use the information we have to deliver our Products, including to personalize features and content and make suggestions for you (such as captions and hashtags) on and off our Products. To create personalized Products that are unique and relevant to you, we use your connections, preferences, interests and activities based on the data we collect and learn from you and others; and how you use and interact with our Products. Learn more about how we use information about you to personalize your CrownEffect experience, including features, content and recommendations in CrownEffect Products.

Promote safety, integrity and security.

We use the information we have to verify accounts and activity, combat harmful conduct, detect and prevent spam and other bad experiences, maintain the integrity of our Products, and promote safety and security on and off of CrownEffect Products. For example, we use data we have to investigate suspicious activity or violations of our terms or policies.

Communicate with you.

We use the information we have to send you marketing communications, communicate with you about our Products, and let you know about our policies and terms. We also use your information to respond to you when you contact us.

III. How is this information shared?

Your information is shared with others in the following ways:

New owner.

If the ownership or control of all or part of our Products or their assets changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner.

Sharing with Third-Party Partners

We may work with third-party partners who help us provide and improve our Products or who use CrownEffect’s tools to grow their businesses. We don't sell any of your information to anyone. We also impose strict restrictions on how our partners can use and disclose the data we provide. Here are the types of third parties we share information with:

Partners who use our analytics services.

We may provide aggregated statistics and insights that help people and businesses understand how people are engaging with their posts

Measurement partners.

We may share information about you with companies that aggregate it to provide analytics and measurement reports to our partners.

Researchers and academics.

We may also provide information and content to research partners and academics to conduct research that advances scholarship and innovation that support our business or mission and enhances discovery and innovation on topics of general social welfare, technological advancement, public interest, health and well-being.

Law enforcement or legal requests.

We share information with law enforcement or in response to legal requests in the circumstances outlined below.

IV. How can I manage or delete information about me?

We provide you with the ability to access, rectify, port and erase your data.

We store data until it is no longer necessary to provide our services and CrownEffect’s Products, or until your account is deleted - whichever comes first. This is a case-by-case determination that depends on things like the nature of the data, why it is collected and processed, and relevant legal or operational retention needs.

When you delete your account, we delete things you have saved to CrownEffect, such as your photos, captions, and hashtags; and you won't be able to recover that information later. To delete your account at any time, please visit CrownEffect Settings.

V. How do we respond to legal requests or prevent harm?

We access, preserve and share your information with regulators, law enforcement or others:

Information we receive about you (including financial transaction data related to purchases made with CrownEffect) can be accessed and preserved for an extended period when it is the subject of a legal request or obligation, governmental investigation, or investigations of possible violations of our terms or policies, or otherwise to prevent harm. We also retain information from accounts disabled for terms violations for at least a year to prevent repeat abuse or other term violations.

VI How do we operate and transfer data as part of potential global services?

We may share information globally, both internally within CrownEffect, and externally with our partners and with those you connect and share with around the world in accordance with this policy. Your information may, for example, be transferred or transmitted to, or stored and processed in Canada or other countries outside of where you live for the purposes as described in this policy. These data transfers are necessary to provide the services set forth in the CrownEffect’s Terms of Use and to globally operate and provide our Products to you.

VII. How will we notify you of changes to this policy?

We'll notify you before we make changes to this policy and give you the opportunity to review the revised policy before you choose to continue using our Products.

VIII. How to contact CrownEffect with questions

If you have questions about this policy, you can contact us as described below.

You can contact us at or by mail at: 

ATTN: Privacy Operations
5-9069 Shaughnessy St.
Vancouver, BC, V6P 6R9

Created: February 5, 2019